Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2003
Subject: keep up the good work!

I read an article about your tickets in Raleigh, NC's News and Observer this morning and I am thrilled to hear that your activism is stirring strong opinions. That means it's working! I was driving through my neighborhood yesterday and saw a man (ONE person) driving a huge Hummer H2. I felt such frustration that he would choose that earth-unfriendly car over a smaller one that can do the same job of getting him from one place to another. I plan on ordering some tickets and starting my own anti-SUV activism here in Raleigh. Thanks for this opportunity!!

Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2003
Subject: Waste of time

You all need to get a life. You will never make a difference in what people drive and even if you did you will be long gone before you see any effect on the environment from any change that does arise. You are all a bunch of morons with too much time on your hands. I do not even own an SUV and I want to kick your ass. So from now on if I see any of you tree hugging hippies in any parking lot I am going to kick your ass.

Date: Thursday, September 25

I read that wonderful article in the Boston Globe about you and I think it’s just great! Don’t let those common polluting thugs intimidate you! They are the ones who are assaulting our environment and should be ashamed! We may not be able to reach everyone on this, but at least many have heard and will do something about it. There are thousands of us who agree that when we pollute, we pollute our own nest as well. Kudos and thanks for your heroic efforts. I can’t believe you are out there doing this. Watch yourself though. There are the “ditto half-brain” fans of Rush Limbaugh who listen to his preaching against the environment (along with this vicious administration). Half the road rage is probably due to this inflammatory language. Limbaugh should be off the air for his anti-American stance against our environment anyway!! Robert Redford and many others would be very proud of you and thankful for what you’re doing!! KUDOS!!

Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2003
Subject: (no subject)

I only wish I would have caught the A-HOLE who put the violation on my H-2 I
would have made him very very sorry. I would be willing to bet he would never
put anything on someone's car again.

Subject: Praise
Date: August 10, 2003

i cant tell you how much i appriciate what you are doing - i live in Ingleside Illinois and commute daily to chicago - i own a small cavalier because its good on gas - i grow tired of being rundown on the roads by big suvs and trucks that do nothing but hog gas and pollute the environment.
Subject: Tree Huggers
Date: August 11, 2003

Why don't you come to detroit and try to put those tickets on SUVs??? You will get shot!!!! Those SUVs give me a job here in detroit you (bleep). What do you drive a rice burner. You are trying to put me out of work as far as I am concerned so go (bleep) your self tree huggers.

Proud SUV Owner........

Subject: Keep up the good work!
Date: July 14, 2003

To all the hard workers at Earth On Empty: I was very pleased to hear on TV about your group and the peaceful awareness campaigns it has taken on against the SUV world. It is nice to know I am not the only one troubled by the health and environmental problems caused or exacerbated by the SUV craze and what it says about contemporary American values. It is also interesting to read what some people have said about your campaigns, especially the negative comments. These responses appear to be primarily driven by out-of-control emotions and reveal a shocking lack of understanding of your message and naive, reactionary assumptions about the people behind it. This is all the more surprising considering that with the cost to purchase and maintain an SUV, one would presumably have to be pretty successful in the professional world, and therefore presumably somewhat intelligent and mature also, to be able to afford one. Apparently, this intuition is incorrect.

Kudos to your continuing efforts,A concerned citizen & automobile driver
Upstate New York

Subject: envirozombies
Date: August 4, 2003

Think how stupid you're going to feel when you graduate college with a degree in anti-American literature with a minor in fascist American political theory and you have to get a job in the real world . The Ted Kaczynski survival shack isn't going to cut. You'll have to get a real place with a car in order to drive to work. It'll take you 50 trips just to move your futon and energy burning computer equipment to Washington D.C. for your new job at Gore's campaign headquarters (bad career move). You'll do even more damage to the environment driving your roller skate between your new digs and your parent's home than that monster rent-a-van your parents packed full of your Che posters to give you a ride home at the end of the semester. Like all good religious hypocrites you will eventually buy an SUV yourself and justify your purchase of inefficient transportation while maintaining a smug superiority over the common people who don't have an excuse as good as yours to buy such transportation. Hopefully at that point your hypocrisy will crush your ability to rationalize and you will rejoin the world of sanity. When the brainwashing loosens its grip, you'll realize what a stupid chump sucker you were and how you paid tens of thousands of dollars to a PC university that uncritically spoon fed you the unscientific ramblings of environmental extremists. And how your only qualified to be a meter maid now. How do I know this? I can read your mind, just like you did when you put that impolite, elitist ticket on my vehicle and assumed you knew everything about me. Now get back to work in your SUV to pay off those student loans -- there are more conformist envirozombies the schools need to create.

Subject: Thanks!
Date: July 9, 2003

Dear Madams and Sirs
I'm a student of geography in Switzerland ('Old' Europe as Dubya calls it). I just saw a TV documentary on an Austrian TV Channel about "Ticketing SUVs". It starred JD Tagger. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your taking action. From the perspective of global warming as well as of the growing number of lung deseases in some industrial countries I'm very concerned about the SUV problem in the USA as well as the growing SUV hype in Europa. It would be best if the USA adopted some law that would restrict gasoline consumption of cars; such laws exist in several countries. This would force car manufacturers to change their mind. I don't know wether this idea is realistic in any way. But I hope your actions will soon be successful - by what means ever.

My appreciation and greetings

Date: July 20, 2003

you are doing far more damage to the enviornment by polluting the cities with your tickets by killing trees you are taking our oxygen away from us you liberal slobs will never get it humans are a drop in the bucket mother nature can wipe us clean like a student cleans a chalk board. our supposed dumping and polution by using fossil fuels is a joke and you know it right now oil fields once reported to be hi and dry are now slowly filling once again oild as you will find out is a substance that repatriates it self but you dont report that because it damages your socialistic agenda. As you read this email the electric you use to power your p.c where do you get electricity from diesel batteries are re powered by hey deisel , at the end of the day it all comes back to fossil fools but again you dont report that because it will destroy your liberal socialistic stalinist agenda. you people are swine and slime and my trucks run 24 7 baby deisel all day all night

the silent majority is speaking
viva la revolution the conservatives will rise

Subject: Brilliant Campaign
Date: June 18, 2003

I read about your campaign in the UKs Ethical Consumer Magazine - we need something like this in the UK - any suggestions ?

Date: June 23, 2003
Wow! Just when you think the bleeding heart liberals have done it all, I find one of your obnoxious "violations" on the windshield of my SUV.
Just a couple of thoughts for you - 1) If your group is so committed to environmental causes, then why are you killing so many trees to print your worthless propaganda on? Nowhere did I see the "printed on 100% recycled paper symbol". Do you really believe that paper mills produce no industrial waste during their manufacturing processes? Maybe your group's focus would be better served by contributing funds to alternate fuel source research, rather than printing tickets that will most likely end up occupying precious space in landfills - (I suppose that is an issue as well). 2) I have a sneaking suspicion that the vast majority of your long-haired, Birkenstock wearing, left-wing members can only dream of affording a high-end SUV. (Could jealousy be a motivating factor? - No I don't think so. I believe that your misguided intentions can most likely be attributed to your brain being warped by the incessant droning of the likes of Clinton/Gore while consuming your dolphin free tuna).

Get a life you pinkos.....

Subject: hurrah!
Date: June 30, 2003

FINALLY something I want to put on the Hummers and oversized guzzlers. I have felt helpless-- My dirty looks cannot penetrate through the windshield of my humble honda. My friend just handed me this fabulous piece. It's great. I have shown it to friends and they having eagerly noted your e-dress. I would love to slip this on the windshield of those arrogant car owners.

How can I get some?

Subject: Don't touch my truck!!!
Date: 5/5/03

I really couldn't care less about your stupid group. I think you people have way too much free time on your hands to be putting tickets on SUV's. You people are obnoxious, and if I ever see any of your people touching my truck I will have them arrested for vandalism.

Subject: You rock!
Date: 6/09/03

Thanks for coming to my neighborhood in Portland, Maine, and "ticketing" SUVs on May 15. I've lived in Maine all my life. I ski, snowshoe, hike, and camp in remote areas -- plus for five years, I had a job that required me to commute 100
miles round-trip each day! (Not on an interstate, either.)
So it makes me laugh when someone from Pennsylvania says "the various snow fall we get here in the NE often requires a 4wd vehicle." Get real! I drove a Mercury Sable 100 miles a day on a two-lane road that wasn't plowed very well. Guess who I saw in a ditch half the time during snowstorms? You got it, SUV drivers who thought having "a 4wd vehicle" gave them magic powers to drive 70 mph during a northeaster without going off the road. Now I walk to work. I can, 'cause I live only a mile away. And I drive a '93 Toyota Camry that gets 28 miles to the gallon.
I'm single, which means people who drive SUVs and have kids can feel free to tell me I don't know what it's like to live in the real world of hauling kids around. Ever heard of a station wagon? My dad had a Chevy station wagon when we were kids, and somehow he managed to get us kids where we needed to go.
And by the way, Dad's NOT a hippie pinko "narrow-minded, self-serving, over-educated socialist" like his kid. He's a Navy veteran who grew up in Louisiana and voted for Reagan and George Bush Sr. twice. AND he raised his kids to give a damn about the people who will be around when we're long gone. So we're not going to use up all the natural resources on ourselves -- we're going to save something for the generations to come.

Subject: Nut Cases !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: 5/23/03

The Patchouli fumes must be getting strong. Ever since Jerry Garcia died and the Dead stopped touring, you smelly, unkempt, dirty, and outdated Dylan admiring freaks have lost your guiding force and are taking on silly little (dramatic) crusades that are intended to harrass us; the hard working Americans that pour so much of our hard earned cash into social programs that support you and your "nature queer" peers and their pathetic, unuseful
lives. Try this, you leftist leftovers. The next time that you are at
the Malls and shopping centers here in New Hampshire, try looking at the "HELP WANTED" signs that appear all over. Apply to one or two and perhaps you may actually get a job that means something. (By the way, try driving a Ford Expedition. They really are fun.)
Subject: Thank you!!!
Date: 5/19/03

While trying to squeeze my Honda Accord into a "compact" parking spot at the Westside Pavilion (in West Los Angeles) over the weekend I encountered much frustration and difficulty in parking my car because I had to sandwich it in
between two SUVs. (a Lincoln Navigator and a Cadilac Escalade). OK, I felt some guilt with my four-door Honda which is technically not a "compact" ... but I was compact compared to the two SUVs... Much to my enjoyment, the
SUV's next to me were ticketed with bright orange Violation Tickets. Being slightly nosey, I read a part of the ticket, jotted down the URL and it lead me here... Now I believe that SUV's should receive the "PETA" treatment that fur got in the '90's...a splash of red paint to embarrass, shame and deter the user. (But my mind wanders in to troubling and aggressive areas after watching mainstream media network news...) Fortunately now we have a more practical and appropriate way to deal with SUVs, the Orange Violation Ticket! And they are less likely to get me arrested. (However with Ashcroft running things,I'm surprised I haven't already been cuffed for the content of some of my emails...).
Thank you Earth on Empty.com., I've placed my order. As for the negative responses on your site, they sure fit the stereotype of the SUV driver; insecure, selfish, ignorant, bullying and arrogant. (I've always equated an SUV driver with a small penis, but I know the research isn't there to support my suspicions, yet.)

Subject: "Tickets"
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003

I didn't think it was possible for the lifestyle police to get any more obnoxious. But you found a way.
If you are serious about reducing fossil fuel consumption and air pollution, you would be advocating replacing fossil fuel electrical generating plants with nuclear plants.
BTW, this is America, if I want to keep my color TV on for 20 years, I damn well will.

Subject: Thank you
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003

Here here to your efforts. I have watched with amazement as Americans have flocked to SUVs in droves. The sad thing is that it is simply a case of "keeping up with the Joneses". If the guy next door has an Explorer, then I'd better get a Navigator. But, really, I need it because I have a lot of things to haul around. Of course, most cars are quite capable of hauling around the things that people move on a daily basis. Is a Suburban really necessary to get a bag of groceries? C'mon, you people can deny it all they want, but deep down they know they are simply trying to impress the neighbors, which is pretty pathetic. Also, one more point against the safety of SUVs. That taller cargo area actually increases the danger because people don't tie things down. So, when all that stuff that is packed in the back and the vehicle is in an accident, anything not tied down becomes a projectile that can kill or injure just as effectively as a crushed roof or the impact itslef.

Another thing that should be pointed out to SUV drivers, if you are trying to avoid the "stigma" (i.e. that you actually care for your family and other people) of driving a large sedan or minivan, well you haven't. Too many suburbanites have bought SUVs to make them like anything other than the station wagon of today. In other words, you look stupid. Yes, I understand that there are some SUV owners who actually use them, by which I mean they go off road. Good for you, but for the other 99.9% of you save some money, save some gas, and save some lives and just buy a car. Unless, of course, you like driving on your roof.

Subject: what!You have got to be kidding me!
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003

Did you get tired of saving the whales, protecting the rain forest, or marching for animal rights?
I drive a Nissan Maxima, but if I want to go out and buy a tank that gets 2 gallons to the mile I will. This is still America, we still have choices, right? I thought you people were supposed to be tolerant. Oh that's right, you're only tolerant if I agree with your left wing communist agenda.
Let me guess, you voted for Gore and were upset because he got "the majority" vote and isn't president, because after all, you believe that we live in a democracy (mob rule) rather than the Constitutional Republic that God fearing men such as Washington, Henry, Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson designed.
Your heroes are people like Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court Justices like Ginsberg and Stevens.

Have a great day, and keep off the sidewalk, because I'm going to buy one of those Chevy Megatundras that take up two lanes and suck gas.

Subject: Positive Response
Date: Sat, 08 Feb 2003

How does being against SUVs make one a socialist? Americans planted victory gardens during World War II and gave up not only luxuries but basic items of consumption so that we could win the war. Did that make them socialists? We're in another big war in which the fate of America is at stake. All that people have to give up this time are the gas-guzzlers that are a fueling terrorism, and trashing our environment at the same time. It's not much to ask, and giving up gas-guzzlers doesn't make you a socialist - it makes you a patriot.
It seems that every time people are asked to curb their consumption for the greater good, the greediest among us respond by calling the rest of us socialists. Contrary to the accusations, however, we believe this is a free country, and it's your choice whether or not you want to keep America safe.
Call us communists, socialists, satanists or whatever other nonsense makes you feel justified in your gluttony, but the fact remains that we're the ones who take patriotism beyond flag waving and actually make sacrifices to protect our democracy.

Subject: what!You have got to be kidding me!
Date: January 3, 2003

Did you get tired of saving the whales, protecting the rain forest, or marching for animal rights?
I drive a Nissan Maxima, but if I want to go out and buy a tank that gets 2 gallons to the mile I will. This is still America, we still have choices, right?
I thought you people were supposed to be tolerant. Oh that's right, you're only tolerant if I agree with your left wing communist agenda. Let me guess, you voted for Gore and were upset because he got "the majority" vote and isn't president, because after all, you believe that we live in a democracy (mob rule) rather than the Constitutional Republic that God fearing men such as Washington, Henry, Franklin, Adams, and Jefferson designed.
Your heroes are people like Barney Frank, Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court Justices like Ginsberg and Stevens.

Have a great day, and keep off the sidewalk, because I'm going to buy one of those Chevy Megatundras that take up two lanes and suck gas.

Subject: ticketing story in magazine
Date: October 10, 2002 8:41

To whom it may concern,
I read a brief story about your activities in the recent issue of "The Parking Professional" magazine. I am writing to applaud and support your efforts. The negative comments I read in the article, and then on your website, are as confounding as they are foolish. I feel compelled to reply to some of the more commonly-repeated whines:

"I need an SUV because I have four kids and six dogs." Right. You "need" the SUV as much as you "need" to have 4 kids and 6 dogs. Both were choices, and
both were selfish - we're not going to feel sorry for you because you have to show some responsibility for the choices you've made. That's what being an
adult is all about. You could have made the responsible choice to limit the size of your family, and to have one small pet, but you CHOSE not to - you were not forced to buy an SUV. That the only thing you've received is a
little ticket is insulting to those of us who CHOOSE to live responsible lives that produce a minimal impact on the environment, and who CHOOSE to organize their lives in such a way as to not require the use of a monster truck to get by.

"I lost my son in an accident, and I want my family to be safe." Get real, buddy. Your version of safety is misguided and ignorant. SUVs kill people because they're too big to be on the road with others, because people who drive them think they own the road, and because they produce far more TOXIC pollutants than is reasonable. Would you like us to thank you for sacrificing
the health of THE ENTIRE WORLD because of your personal tragedy?

"Woe is me, you've deeply offended me, how dare you, you should be excommunicated, you're evil, you're socialists, etc..." Oh, get a grip, people! It's a little ticket. I could list some other things that could have happened to your monster trucks - paint scratching, light/window smashing, exhaust pipe plugging, creative painting, etc.... You got off way to easy. If you don't have the intellect to comprehend the big picture, and how you're
actions impact others, then just throw away the ticket (because you wouldn't dare recycle it, like those damn socialists), light up another cigar, and shut the hell up. Drive your monster truck and teach your kids that the world doesn't matter. Maybe, just maybe, your kids will end up with more brains than you could provide for them. For the sake of the rest of the world that exists outside your personal little happyland, I hope so.
Earth on Empty folks - keep up the good work.

Subject: Expedition Owners of America
August 29, 2002 4:43 PM

I understand your cause, but down here in the Deep South, it's not about fuel economy, it's about survival. See, here's the way it is. Unlike the Northeastern Ivy League States, people down here actually do live in their SUV's. The simple truth is, "Bigger is better". There's more room to stretch out.

Also, since we're all generally overweight rednecks, we need the extra space for groceries. And most of us have found enough extra room to mount two gun racks without desecrating the Confederate Flag which we've hung in the back window glass.

Another benefit is the number seats for all those rug rats we seem to have. Since most of you Kennedy Club Liberals up there have probably never been down here in the Deep South for fear you would say something that would get your asses kicked, be advised that we are having a population explosion down here.

Perhaps we're trying to create a free thinking generation of kids to protect us from narrow-minded, self-serving, over-educated socialists that would rather complain about something as unimportant as what people drive than to tackle the real issues like educating our kids, protecting our country from people that want to take it from us and being 'One Nation Under God'.

The problem with you folks up there is that you can't see the whole picture. It's not about SUV's, or Citations, or even politics. It's about Freedom of Choice. I choose to drive an Expedition because I can. I live in a country that allows me to make a choice, freely and without prejudice. People have sacrificed their lives to uphold that privilege.

So, why don't you folks go out and do something a little more constructive with your time. We have lots of worthwhile programs down here and we could always use some extra volunteers. I just might even buy your lunch, but only if I get to drive.

Subject: Support
Date: Sunday, October 6, 2002 10:29 PM

I saw your coverage on the 11:00 news last night and I applaud your efforts. You are singing my song. I hope you might consider expanding your mission to included public busses that spew more noxious vapors
than SUVs. I'd also like you to include some reference on your web site or on the ticket to our men and women in the armed forces losing theirs lives in Iraq and Afghanistan so the SUV owners can guzzle as much
gasoline as they want. If we reduced our consumption of petroleum-based products then our government would not be forced to support repressive regimes such as the one in Saudi Arabia. I think there is much more that you can say about how our consumption of oil is
related to terrorist acts against the US. Thanks for making people aware of the impact that their buying decisions have on the public health, but I think you could go further in showing how our buying SUVs
is unpatriotic and threatens our national security.
Thank you for making a difference.
Keep up the good work.

Date: Thursday, October 3, 2002 12:13 PM

I just saw your story in yesterday's USA Today, and want to thank you for making up my mind.
This afternoon I went out and bought the largest SUV (Ford Excursion) I could find. I hope the gas prices stay low while I tour the country this fall.
You are morons !

Subject: Confessions and repentance
Date: Wednesday, October 2, 2002 5:38
Dear Tree Huggers,
I was the environmental Anti-Christ. I drove an olive drab army truck. It got 10mpg. I did use it to climb mountain roads to service television equipment. Often needing to winch my way up the trail. Ok. So this was alright I guess. Problem was I kept it after changing my job. Driving the monster to work in the city.

After seeing all the morons with massive SUV's idling away in a traffic jam with one driver, I had a change of heart. In fact, I am born again. I got rid of the monster and now drive a Toyota Prius, 45mpg average. Also put a 1000watt solar array on my home. I even feed power back into the grid.

After this lifestyle change, I am finding its not all that bad. I'm still a republican and a member of John Burch (hard core) but I pollute less and in a small way reduce Americas dependence on other countries. The morons who say its about freedom are self centered, Libertarian me types. This has nothing to do with personal freedom at all. Its about improving our nations strength. Tell the guy from NH. that he is supporting foreign governments with his fuel purchases. Hmmm. Live Free or Die. Bend to the will of Opec is more like it. Not so free after all. I'll be dammed if I will support the Saudi's government with my cash. Take the cash you save on fuel and cost of a monster SUV and go sink it into your community instead. Hell, go buy a new shotgun, start building a fallout shelter, stockpile rations for all I care, just keep it in America. By the way, my car was made in Canada and the US, not Japan.

Subject: SUV police
Date: Tuesday, October 8, 2002 11:02 AM

Do you have nothing else to do with your time than to hassle people? At what MPG level do you assert your gestapo tactics? 10MPG, 15MPG? What do you drive? Are all your friends and relatives bicycle nuts? Do they drive Toyota Prius or Honda Insights? As John Stossel says... "give me a break"!

Subject: positive influence
Date: Wed, 30 May 2001

I wanted to pass this along to you, as your SUV Ticket was a factor in my recent new car purchase. I received one of your "violations" on my 1990 Nissan Pathfinder in Cambridge a few weeks ago. I have owned various SUVs, even before the term "SUV" was in vogue. Given the age of my vehicle, I have been in the market for a new one. I was originally considering another SUV, however, your SUV Ticket gave me pause and caused me to way many additional factors in my decision-making process. Today, I am happy to say that I traded in my Pathfinder for a Subaru Wagon. Although it does not have the highest mileage rating. I think it is supposed to average around 26 or 27 mpg.I wanted to pass this along to you and make you aware that your approach, while perhaps annoying to some, is helping to make a difference with others. Every little bit counts.

Thank you for your efforts -- an improved fossil fuel burner
Subject: none
Date: Fri, 6 Jul 2001

I received one of your "SUV Violation" flyers on my Explorer a few weeks ago. I find it very presumptuous of your organization to think just because someone owns an SUV that they are not environmentally conscious. I use my Explorer when I go hiking in New Hampshire or to my family's cabin in the mountains of Pennsylvania. I also use it when I go mountain biking. Somehow I don't think a mountain bike fits in a Honda Insight, nor do I think one would make it up our driveway in Pennsylvania. I'd rather see children in an SUV during an accident rather than a little death trap like a Civic. Further, the various snow fall we get here in the NE often requires a 4wd vehicle, especially for those of us who travel to NH, VT or ME for skiing. Finally, I find it extremely offensive that you would think that I am not environmentally conscious because I drive an SUV. I belong to the AMC, the Sierra Club and the NSS.
Subject: Rant & Rave
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001

I simply don't understand why people want to drive SUV's in the first place. There too big, heavy, cumbersome and hard riding. I drive a truck for a living, so the last thing I want to drive on my own time is another truck! I can't really complain about their mileage due to the fact my '71 Impala ain't much better, but then again there's three decades difference. The plain fact of the matter is that above all else SUV's are a public nuisance and safety hazard.

I am a conservative Republican who wouldn't be caught dead driving an import or holding a Sierra Club membership card nor do I generally approve of government interference, but in this case I agree with you tree huggin' hippies!
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001

To whom this may concern: Thank you for the lovely ticket you put on my window informing me of the waste my car is producing. But the fact is, maybe I need a car like this to haul my stuff around . . . maybe I just need a car big enough to run over dirty hippy shmoes. Fact is, this car is MY property. MY property. Not yours', not the citys' - it's MINE! The fact that you have left your "ticket" on my car is you touching my property. I am going to make a suggestion - do not touch my car again. Don't even look at my car again. Until you are the Goddess and can dictate what I drive - don't come around me or Cambridge. You WILL be sorry if youdo. So take your communist f***ing hippy-sh** - shove it straight up your ass and do a happy little jig. I do enough good in my life that I can sleep at night.
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001
Subject: Yay for Green!

Dear EoE,
I just heard about your efforts to eradicate these Gargantuan metal hulks from the face of the planet, and I can only say: thank God. I wish I could buy your tickets, but I'm paying for college (I plan to be a Muckraker journalist); you have my support in other ways. You have also encouraged me to speak out against these damnable wasters, and save the planet for children.

PS God told Adam to take care of the earth, and he still expects us to.
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2001
Subject: socialism

You can take your socialist views pack them into an environmentally safe bag and leave the country. How dare you to impose your false lefttist views on me. There is not a single claim that your socialistic organization makes that can be supported. If you think its your duty to
tell people what to drive when to drive and how to live there lives you don't deserve the freedoms this country was born from. Leave. Your views are not welcome in the state of N.H. nore anywhere else where freedom is cherished. Go preach to the left coast. You will have a more obedient mindless audience.
Date: Thu, 20 Sep 2001
Subject: comment

I think it's really sad that some people think this is only about "them" and "their property". Wow...I suppose there's no such thing as second-hand smoke either. What's more important, being an American or being an American who actually cares about his/her fellow Americans and the air they breathe? A REAL American would care enough to insure there are fossil fuels for the children they haul around to soccer games and mall shopping. I guess we're surrounded by the "SUV! 'Cause Its All About ME" generation. I also think another point against people driving these behemoths is how much parking space and road space they take up in
residential areas. I live in Seattle and the streets are often narrow and parking so precious that the last thing we need is people wasting that real estate as well. I know it's a small issue compared to many others but it's important nonetheless.
Thanx for your site!

Subject: Your cause is such a great idea...
Here's my response... A ticket in return.

**EOE note - adult themed response


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