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Weapons, Death & Tofu: Finding Nirvana in an SUV
New Renaissance, Vol. 11 No. 4 Spring 2003

Keep the off-road vehicles out of towns, says MP
Telegraph.Co.UK May 28, 2003, Charles Clover

Stop the 4x4 Heavy Mob!
The Times (UK) May 25, 2003, Nicholas Rufford

"Earth On Empty"
The Delicate Monster, Volume 4, April 2003, Thomas Jackson

War, rising gas costs fuel SUV backlash
Greenville News March 28, 2003, Eric Connor

Big, Brutish and Gas-Guzzling: A Low-Key Protest of S.U.V.'s
The New York Times, February 23, 2003, Paula Ganzi Licata

SUV road warriors fight backlash
The New York Times, February 8, 2003, Patricia Leigh Brown

Earth on Empty Tickets Gas Guzzling SUVs

A Meter Man With a Mission.
Sierra Magazine, Snell, Marilyn Berlin, January/February 2003 (Read)

Earth on Empty: An Interview with J. D. Tagger.
Big Brother Magazine, Carnie, Dave.January 2003 (Read)

Taking to the Streets.
Hope Magazine,Nelson, Todd R. Nov/Dec 2002 (Read)

Big Tire Backlash.
Time Magazine, Winters, Rebecca. December 23, 2002 (Read)

Anti-SUV Move Drives into Erie.
Erie Times – Wescott, Scott. News, December 16, 2002

SUVs put crititcs in overdrive.
USA Today, Bly, Laura. Wednesday, October 2, 2002. (Read)

Ticket to chide
St. Petersburg Times, Zuccco, Tom. October 12th, 2002.

Anti-SUV Radicals Say ‘We Know Where You Live’.
Insight on the News, Levin, John. September 23, 2002.

Chorus of SUV critics grows louder.
Automative News, Truett, Richard. September 16, 2002.

S.U.V. Haters Pitch a Curbside Battle.
New York Times, Donovan, Aaron.Friday, August 23, 2002. (Read 1 2)

SUVs face an uphill struggle as environment groups close in fuel prices bite.
Financial Times, Pruzan P. July, 5 2001, 4.

Now that’s the ticket.
Cambridge Chronicle. Greene R. May 30, 2001.

Saying Goodbye to that Thirsty SUV.
Boston Globe, McKibben B. May 29, 2001; 15.

Davidson, Susie. Voice of the Fututre: Adam Kessel and the SUV Ticketing Effort. The Jewish Advocate May 25-31, 2001.

Mashburg, Tom. The Art of Provocation. Guerillas in Action Deliver Social Message. Boston Sunday Herald, May 20, 2001; 13.

Carr, Howie. SUV Owners need protction from ‘artists.’ Boston Herald Boston Sunday Herald, May 20, 2001; 2. (Read)

Powers, Kathleen. SUV Drivers ‘ticketed’ for emissions: Public art project carries environmental warning. Somerville Journal, May 17, 2001; 1,12.

Temin, C. Artists hand SUV drivers thought-provoking citations. Boston Globe, May 16, 2001; C5.

SUV News

British Lawmaker Proposes SUV Ban, London Bureau Chief, May 28, 2003, By Mike Wendling

Dig Deep. A little deeper, please, if you own an SUV.
Chicago Tribune April 19,2003 Jim Mateja

Ford backs away from SUV mileage goals United Press International April 18, 2003

Olver targets SUVs
Washington Bureau, April 08, 2003, By Ian Bishop Transcript




Internet Articles

Doonesbury Features Earth On Empty!

S.U.V. Haters Pitch a Curbside Battle
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Car Talk Talks with Earth on Empty

SUV Action Day, Lynn, Ma. June 2, 2001

• Radio Broadcasts
WRKO Morning show October 3, 2002 interview with Peter Blute and John Soterland

1060 Buisness 1060 radio October 3rd Interview on On the Monney Bailey and Stein

WROR October 3rd Ed Walsh and Jeorge Mead

WBUR, 90.9 FM. Here and Now. For SUVs Only. May 16, 2001 interview with Robin Young

WZBC, 90.3 FM Saturday, May 19, 2001

• Television News Broadcasts

WCVB Channel 5, Chronicle. January 2, 2003
CBS National News, November 24,2002

WCVB Channel 5 October 6 and 7th 2002
WBCZ, Channel 4 news, May 17, 2001
New England Cable News, May 17, 2001
WFXT TV FOX 25, May 20, 2001

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