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Myths and Realities about SUVs

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How much does your vehicle pollute?

Automobile Emissions: An Overview


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American Council for an Energy Efficent Economy

Americans For Fuel Efficient Cars

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National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
United States Department of Transportation

Natural Resource Defense Council

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Times Up
NYC Nonprofit Environmental Group



I'm Changing the Climate
"I'm Changing the Climate! Ask Me How." Bumper sticker project

Evangelical Environmental Network and Creation Care Network

What Would Jesus Drive?

Interfaith Climate Change Network

Target Oil

Transportation Alternatives

Green Cars

Bikes not bombs

Transportation Alternatives
NYC nonprofit working for bicycling, walking,
public transit, and fewer cars.


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When You Ride Alone, You Ride With bin Laden
by Bill Maher

High and Mighty: SUV's the world's most Dangerous vehicles and how they got that way.
by Kieth Bradsher. PublicAffairs, New York, 2002. ISBN1-58648-123-1

BAD SPORTS Or: how we learned to stop worrying and love the SUV
(Harper's Magazine, April 1, 2001) By Paul Roberts

SUV Media Coverage

Road Outrage: How Corporate Greed And Political Corruption Paved The Way For The SUV Explosion By Arianna Huffington

"Rollover: the hidden History of the SUV"
Frontline aired on PBS 2/21/02

Got Oil?

'Jesus' goverment eye SUVs



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