Affiliate your college or high school environmental groups with Earth on Empty, or start your own chapter of Earth on Empty! Become part of an expansive network dedicated to improving everyone’s quality of life. Earth on Empty strives to raise awareness of the SUV epidemic in non-violent manners.

How to Start a Group

Build a Membership Base
Spread the word about the organization by word of mouth, writing in to your school’s newspaper, leaflets, and posters. By sending a letter to the editor of the school newspaper you can also advertise the organizations first meeting location and time.

Become Recognized
Becoming a recognized organization can have many benefits, including funding and usage of valuable resources. To obtain recognition you may have to meet certain guidelines. The Student Activities office or even your student government is a great place to go for help and advice.

Develop Literature
Create brochures, flyers, and fact sheets for your organization that highlights and describes your goals and mission. Soon, you will be able to download flyers and brochures from the website.

What to do? After the organization has been established what should it to?

1. Public Education and Awareness
The group should try to consistently raise public and community awareness by leafletting, creating displays, and writing letters to the editors and authoring featured news articles.

2. Special events
These events can either be seasonal or reactionary. Examples are bike to work week, earth day events, added publicity during major traffic weekends such as Thanksgiving day weekend, Memorial day weekend, Labor day weekend, and Fourth of July weekend. Picketing outside car dealerships or organizing ticketing events are examples of events the organization could take part in.

3.Long-term campaigns
The organization can write to the auto industry, local congressional representatives, local politicians, the EPA, and even to the White House itself demanding higher fuel efficiency standards, formal inquiries into reckless SUVs, and the elimination of the light-truck loophole.

Earth On Empty
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