That’s the Ticket! Video Documentary Project

That’s the Ticket! will document the unspoken public anger towards SUVs and the unfolding of this guerrilla art strike geared to transform this anger into social change. Through interviews and imagery, this documentary will capture the journey of events leading up to, during, and after this snowballing "art-in-action" project around the U.S.

• Film Goals

A major goal of That’s the Ticket! is to dissuade people from buying these fuel-thirsty roadhogs. By unveiling the rationale for this creative protest galvanized by Earth on Empty, That’s the Ticket! will explore how SUVs have some to pervade American culture, and the facts, myths, and societal impacts surrounding SUVs. This video will also explore alternatives and solutions to the SUV problem.

By inspiring public discourse about SUVs, That’s the Ticket! will constitute a hard-hitting tool to pressure consumers and automobile manufacturers to make fuel efficiency a national priority. This production will propel the message behind Earth on Empty’s National SUV Ticketing Project to millions more people than will be ticketed, and perpetuate this message for years beyond the Ticketing event in May.

• Audience

That’s the Ticket! will aim to enlighten those who have yet to realize the insidious and profound impact of driving an SUV. At the other end of the spectrum, this video will appeal to viewers of public TV shows like Free Speech TV and P..O.V., and to an environmentalist audience, similar to that of Silent Spring.


• Funding That’s the Ticket!

Lynn is also seeking donations and grant funding for this documentary project. Due to the anti-corporate nature of this film, personal donations will fund a substantial portion of the film.

• Making That’s the Ticket!

Producer Lynn Weissman is recruiting Videographers from around the U.S. to film the National SUV Ticketing in their U.S. state. Mini-DV format preferred - contact Lynn about other formats. Volunteer shooters will be credited for their work in That’s the Ticket!

Contact Lynn to join the production team as a Videographer or to make a donation towards the film:

Lynn Weissman


Earth On Empty
P.O. Box 400561 N. Cambridge, Ma. 02140