What's the story?

We came together because of our frustration with SUVs, the US oil and environmental policies, and our desire to make people think about the impact of their consumer choices has on their neighbors.

We started out as three creative people with an idea, but received such a great response, with over a hundred people turning out to help ticket boston and surrounding neighborhoods. You bet we got attention. Look at all our media coverage after just a few days of ticketing!

Since the organized action, we have had many requests from people all over the country who want to get in on the act. Now you all can join the National Ticketing Effort, we hope to hear from you soon!   -EOE

Why Ticket SUVs?

Because they have a huge impact on all of us, whether we're trying to cross the street, cycle safely to work, or make effective environmental policy. Because we don't agree with the values the SUV represents, and we won't be silent. Despite a looming energy crisis, widespread acceptance of global warming (1),and a mounting national dependence on foreign oil (2,3) the U.S. fuel economy is at a 20-year low, and Americans are back to buying gas-guzzling behemothslike SUVs (sport utility vehicles). Many SUVs get just 13 miles per gallon. SUVs spew out 43% more global-warming pollution and 47% more air pollution than an average car (4).

Back in 1985, SUVs accounted for only 2% of new vehicle sold (5) and went relatively unnoticed in the national consciousness. Now, with SUVs accounting for the largest share of new vehicle sales in the U.S.(6), these fuel suckers have overrun the minds, media, and roadways of America.

What's next?

• May, 2003 - National Bike Week - Our campaign goes National with a ticketing event in each US state. Email us to get involved - We need volunteers!

That's The Ticket! A Video Documentary Project. Independent Filmmaker Lynn Weissman has begun filming for her documentary, That’s the Ticket! This eco-political video will spotlight the snowballing movement, by chronicling the story of Earth on Empty’s National SUV Ticketing Project.
Email us about how to help, we need video of people ticketing!


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1 Gelbspan R. A modest proposal to stop global warming. Sierra: 63-67, May/June 2001

2 Jackson D. When war is over, oil dealers will be the winners. Boston Globe. Oct. 12, 2001, A23

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4 The Sierra Club SUV Report.

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6 Krieger T., Welsh LA. Polk Automotive Intelligence. Polk Study shows SUV Sales Up Despite Gas Cost. January 4, 2001    <http://www.polk.com/news/releases/2001_0104d.asp>

Earth on Empty is made possible in part from contributions Gunk Foundation, Oak Foundation, the Puffin Foundation and from many tickers like you.

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